Khaliyha- Ebony Princess

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Genre: Interracial Erotic Romance, bwwm

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He finally left the baggage claim area of the Kennedy Airport of New York dragging his own suitcase and another with casual clothes that Khaliyha had asked him to bring, since she had taken with her only the African costumes tailored to the meetings that she was going to attend.

First he recognized in the huge hall was the impressive and unmistakable figure of Malik, the refugee from the Central African Republic who had already saved them from the intrigues of hostile actors in their previous stay in the city.

Cristian hugged him affectionately surprising the big man characterized by a more cautious attitude. To his embarrassment Malik took charge of the luggage without the slightest effort.

“The Princess will meet with you at the hotel” He said recalling to Cristian the rather royal treatment given to his wife. “Today she is having a meeting arranged at the last minute and could not come to the airport as she wanted to.”

“The history of my life as a married man.” Thought Cristian.

Already in the car asked Malik if he had any news about clashes between different African ethnic groups on their continent and if they had had repercussions among the expatriate groups in New York.

“In Africa, conflicts have moved to the Central African Republic, my country, and possibly in the near future will arrive in Nigeria. Here the situation is calmer that when you and the Princess were a couple of years ago but we cannot lower our guard.”

These words reminded Cristian that one of Malik´s the functions was acting as a custodian of Khaliyha while she was in the city.

When the African parked his car in front of the hotel Cristian was surprised to see that it was the same in which Khaliyha and he had first met. A wave of memories invaded his mind and a knot formed in his throat but he refrained from making comments.

When they entered at the hotel Khaliyha had just arrived and they met in the lobby the woman threw herself in his arms in a completely unexpected attitude. Guests of the hotel looked askance at that woman richly dressed in her obvious ethnicity silk dress hugging a newcomer looking tired and dressing wrinkled clothes. Seeing the scene with the corner of his eye in a lobby mirror brought Christian even more emotions and they both whined for a second.

Malik cleared his throat to call them into reality and they separated with a certain embarrassment.

“It´s only a week since we last met.”   Cristian told his wife in a tone of false reproach.

“Why then you have red eyes?”

In fact what had worked in the encounter between the two was not the brief recent separation but all the vicissitudes that had occurred since they had left the hotel two years before with their joys and sufferings. No doubt this relatively brief period had transformed their lives in a deep and lasting way.

The woman had already obtained her key at the front desk and guided him towards her room.

“But… this is…”  Sputtered Cristian.

“Yes, it is the same room that we were when we met. I spent several days in another but I ordered the Concierge to move me to it as soon as it was vacant.

The detail moved him again. He knew the value of symbols for his wife and her tenacity to achieve her purposes. Having obtained the same room spoke clearly of the importance Khaliyha granted the event when they had loved for the first time.

They entered the spacious room and the employee left the suitcases. She made him sit on the bed smiling and placed her arms around his neck.

“Mon cher, you don’t know how long I have dreamed with this moment, to relive the most important stage of my life and to taste again its flavor.





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