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From the Author


Dear reader
I appreciate your interest in reading these few words in which I talk about my work. It is a good habit to try to understand what led an author to write a particular book, because the motivations vary from author to author and from book to book.
As a sign of respect for the reader, in all my books I make a thorough previous investigation of the facts the work refers to, particularly considering that many of them take place in places sometimes very far apart from each other and also in various historical periods; my books often travel indeed through dilated stretches in time and space.
These searches are based on my memory, in the large family library and the huge quarry of facts and data existing in the Internet. In the global network everyone can search but not all find the same … fortunately, since this results in a huge variability and diversity.
The plot of course comes from the imagination and fantasy. This is critical for me and I confess that I would never write a book that I wouldn´t like to read; my interests as a writer and as a reader coincide to a large degree.
My works often take place in exotic locations and refer sometimes to surprising and even paradoxical facts, but never enter the realm of the fantastic and incredible. Moreover, the most bizarre events are often true.


About the Author


Louis Alexandre Forestier is the pen name an Argentine novelist uses for certain types of narrative, in general novellas of erotic nature and books belonging to the noir genre.
The author has lived in New York for years and now resides in Buenos Aires, his hometown. His style is clear and straightforward, and does not hesitate to tackle thorny issues.

Works by Louis Alexandre Forestier


In English

South of Capricorn

Hot Brooklyn Heights




In Spanish

Al Sur de Capricornio

Hot Brooklyn Heights




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