South of Capricorn

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South of Capricorn is a novel with a strong erotic content, so the book is aimed at the adult audience.
A ten-year-old boy hosted in an orphanage located in a remote village in the northern end of the Argentina, is seduced by the supervisor of the establishment, who is madly in love of him. This woman, even against her own moral standards and upbringing is his secret lover, protecting and taking care of him.
The fate of the child undergoes a drastic change when his mentor is replaced by another woman, who has similar claims on the child, but it exerts its power without scruples, so he becomes her sex slave.
Upon reaching adolescence and youth, the boy gets trapped in the nets woven by each one of his mistresses, in a dynamic that determines his relationships with other women.
In his search for a way in the midst of these circumstances, he is involuntarily wrapped in a dark episode with an organization of human trafficking, with dramatic consequences.
South of Capricorn is thus located at the interface of the erotic novel and the noir genre.

South of Capricorn Forestier

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